light let low through gray and dusk
fallen angels
flat out on
their featherless backs
smiling up
at all the stars
with wings of
skin and bones
and flannel shirts
and hair
stuffed up in
their woolen hats
try to keep
their knitted mittens
and store bought socks
from letting in
the crystal cold
while they flap
and flap
their silhouettes
all the way
to a snowy

suncloud - hawaii
suncloud – hawaii

From The Now

pray as palms stretch
living with wind on windows
summer says something
here i am

bearing beauty
all that came before
to withhold and witness
gauging not fortitude
nor solitude

wearing whispers
clasps of femininity
not to sacrifice nor entice
but to bear the message
of receipt

somewhere leads
to somewhere
follow on
follow on

coconut island, hilo, hawaii
coconut island, hilo, hawaii


take me down with you
rush me to your edge
and show me how free
nothing feels
when i drift apart
as drops of rain
that take their aim
randomly through gravity
out of time
still in motion
soon to find
complete reunion
and immersion with
where they came from
in a new moment
so they find
their source and
as one continuum
and the new stream
then rushes onward
towards the seas
merrily unto
those seas

akaka falls, big island, hawaii
akaka falls, big island, hawaii
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