Rainforest Pond Rain (River of Dreams)

River of Dreams – by David Elias

I sleep by the fire
Your song’s in my dreams
I run off to find you
You’re nowhere it seems
The blue clouds float higher
Metallic skies gleam
Your shadow’s the answer
This river of dreams

A fortnight’s a long time
To wait by the door
Your footstops don’t echo
They’ve been here before
I pull my coat tighter
Look out one time more
Your shadow’s the answer
It lies on the floor

I’ll cast one more time
To the river of dreams
WIth a net made of willow
And sycamore leaves
I won’t look behind me
As tears to to streams
Echo the answer
This river of dreams


We sometimes don’t know where our Soul has gone. We have stopped paying attention to it and we have become occupied by distractions that are often intentional. The media woven world is full of these.

I found that by filming the raindrops in the pond in the rainforest, I was able to distill distractions and cleanse my over active Mind allowing a much better space for my Soul.

River of Dreams is largely a writing and song about loss and grief. It describes water in the form of rivers and tears and loss in the forms of shadows and metallic skies.

A fire is the catalyst to the whole process of dealing with loss and grief. The Phoenix. Transformation. Casting a net made of tree leaves into this river is how we search for renewed strength in our dreams. Sycamores and Willows love riversides…

My song “River of Dreams” then seemed to fit the mediative pond in the forest with raindrops falling into it creating dreamlike patterns of reflection of the forest trees nearby. That is how the video came to be.

“River of Dreams” is currently a free MP3/FLAC audio download here…[click]

River of Dreams - audio download
River of Dreams – audio download

Here is a mediation video of just the rain on the pond in the forest for you dissolve your preoccupations in and relax to.  Namaste…

Published by David Elias

Acoustic music, sounding natural because it is played and recorded that way. No gizmos, no compression, rarely any overdubs even with large bands in the studio. No Edits. Just Microphones. Focused on nature, photos, poetry, video, the nature of art, the art of nature, the art of listening...more at www.davidelias.com . New Gig offering optimized holistic sound systems with only 2 driving incentives: - Make it easy to setup and move around if needed, removing wires and congestion everywhere - Offer audiophile studio reference quality sound on ALL media formats including DSD & MQA in a single integrated setup. . Come visit https://holisticaudiosystems.com and read more on https://art-of-listening.com

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